Enough part 2

I’m a pragmatist. My religion is the pursuit for unfallible logic.
Your God’s cannot breach the rational center of my being.
The very genre of fantasy is depolorable to my taste. I cannot make any suspension of disbelief.
The implausible is not worth my attention. I cannot waste my energy on it.
But a thought has been brewing in my consciousness for some time. I have been trying to ignore it but it keeps coming back: what if my logic is flawed?

What if I am dreaming just like those dreamers I laugh at?
Isn’t the way of human folly to believe your supremely logical and then fall on your ass?
What if a set belief is about to be shattered?
What am I going to do if it turns that much of what I believed to unquestionably true in both epistemological or anthropological sense, turns out to be an illusion?
I feel it’s going to come soon. The logical thing to do is to accept it and move on. But am I able to do this? What if I can’t sacrifice this inalienable truth?
If my power for grasping reality has been revealed to be a farce, am I able to handle it?

Or will keep holding on to it like most people. And like most people I will assemble information around me that verifies my cherished fallacy.

There is always somebody, some demon out to destroy all you believe….
I fear those who will wake me, those who will remind me. Sometimes I think I must stop at all cost, whatever it takes for them to keep me dreaming.

This sleep is precious, leave me be.



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