Enough part 3

I’m impulsive.
I go wherever my mind takes me. Sometimes I have this incredible drive and I feel like I can accomplish anything.
Other times I can’t get myself to do much of anything, except waste time.
Maybe I’m bipolar because sometimes I’m in heaven while the next day I’m in hell.
There must be some unresolved emotional impairment that I haven’t yet examined because I’m too afraid.
Don’t gaze into the abyss! Some men go there and never come back.
Maybe there’s some hidden talent I should have cultivated by now, because if I did I would have been much happier. I might have been famous by now. I might have had an stronger identity.

I should have worked harder but I felt like playing a game. Eventually I’ll get to it, I tell myself.
And this moment keeps coming back, again and again.

And then suddenly something happens, something explodes in my head and I’m filled with confidence.
Suddenly I’m on a mission and nothing will distract me.
Things will be different now. I swear.


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