Enough part 4


I’m a determinist.
Everything that has happened to me was unavoidable. Every step I took is a part of the invisible plan.
There’s no use in fighting and even if you do fight, that’s part of the program.
Everyone has a destiny, a narrative your are genetically predisposed to.
We all want to be the screenwriter of our own lives, but we will never comprehend our true creator. Not because he is wiser than us, but because he’s not human. It’s not anything, it’s a set of mindless cosmic algorithmic motions.
If you ask it a question, you might receive a reply. But it will be a reply individually designed for you. If you are mind is susceptible to meaning, it will give you meaning. If there’s no room for meaning, you will live in a meaningless universe.
The painful truth is this; there might be no room for your humanity in the universe. I understand; you need your consciousness to be special. But it’s just an abstract algorithmic biological manifestation of your genetic code.
Sometimes you think you escaped your dreams. For a moment in your life, you are part of what’s real. You are reality. But then suddenly, you begin to realize that you are dreaming again. The whole process then starts anew.
Death is the ultimate dream.
All of us find peace in our own hubris.
Its a comforting thought. Designed especially for me.



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