The role of a life-time

You wait for the story to unfold. Sometimes you wait so long. It’s getting about time for some action; a romantic encounter, great personal success, a sudden adventure, validation, heroics. The coming of an antagonist and beating his ass. There is the stand-off. The last stand. But don’t worry, you will come on top. They did promise you a happy ending, it’s in the script; and he lived happily ever after.
You feel like you deserved it. It’s what they sold you. You bought it, you want your money’s worth. This cannot be a scheme. A fool’s game. This is not mere marketing, this is the reality of life, of the good person, his journey, his reward. This has to be real.
It’s right there; you will make your parents proud of you. They will see you’re not such a loser after all. You will win beyond your wildest imagination.
You can be happy, and so you will. You will fall in love. Your greatest lover is waiting for you. There will be nights of passion, soul-searching beneath the sheets. A kiss just like it has been written, people will sigh but you two won’t care. Don’t fear the demons: the giant bill that will bankrupt you, the useless act of violence, sudden death, a slippery fall, the fatal crash. Age will kill you but it won’t destroy your soul.
You will grow old but you won’t be fat and ugly. There is nostalgia but you are happy with where you are. A humble old man, full of dignity and wisdom. The people will be amazed. You will jog beside the young and they won’t be able to keep up with you. You will have taken good care of yourself, you will look good. There is a grace and sexiness about you. Young women could see themselves being with you.
There will be grandkids on your knee, asking you all the serious questions about life. You will have a warm feeling as you watch them play. You will be proud of them and the world will be proud of you.
Moments of great introspection. Tenderness. An incredible peace you never knew existed. A dog to lick your hands. Sweet dreams at night. A rising sun in an exotic land.
Trust me baby, the future is a giddy read. You won’t have it any other way.
This must be your story. This is what they promised. This is your production. I know you’re afraid, being amongst those who have lost their way. Seeing the desperation in their eyes. Their valiant search and tragic end. Seeing the desperation in their eyes. A murderous vice.The unbearable loneliness. The cold and hungry seeking a warm place to hide.
You must believe. You were always meant for better. It has to. It will happen. There can be no doubt about it. Read the last page, relax.
And live your life.



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