Camp of Saints

(Note: this piece of prose is not meant to be taken as my political views. It’s only to illustrate the certain ethnonationalism that I see rising in our political discourse and Western society. This worries me and thus I wrote about it. I hope this will be clear in reading in this.)

Today the leader signed an executive order to secede from the union of nations this country was once a part of. A small majority considers this a victory the spirit of the country, the other country fears a return of isolationism that has given leaders in the past the freedom of absolute cruelty. Many say it won’t be so bad. All these horrible things are part of the past. There won’t be more place like this. People will always be free to speak their minds in this place, no matter how offensive their statements might be to the leading regime. ”We are safe and we will always be safe, don’t you worry.”
These same people talk about us progressing. ”We are becoming a better human species the more time passes. There is an increase of civil liberties, the meek will be protected, our victims will be avenged. We are building the moral arc that will push the laws of society towards absolute justice. One day we will become perfect. One day we will create heaven on earth.”
This one night, some supporter of the referendum talked to me. We had some beers and as it goes, our political discourse heated up. Tell you the truth, the more I listened to him, the more scared I got. My friends tell me I don’t need to be scared. They say it will be bad, but not this bad. But I don’t know what to say or to think and after he was done talking I ran home and tried to sleep. But I couldn’t sleep. His words kept me awake:
”This new referendum will change things for the better. Just wait and see. It’s only a small step forward. We don’t need those other nations anymore. We can be in charge of our fiscal, monetary and best of all; immigration policies. No more will we be forced to take in strangers that don’t respect our culture and values. Finally we can be proud of who we are. We won’t be forced to apologize. We don’t need to fear offending the sensitivity of people who don’t respect us anyway.
No more political correctness, unnecessary diversity or countless genders. We can joke about whatever we want now. No more censorship from the liberal media. Our prophets won’t get fired from their shows anymore. They can see how things really are and nobody will stop them.
We will educate our children, we will stop them from indoctrinating our children. All this tedious talk about the evils of our ancestry.
All this tedious talk about the evils of our ancestry. Always trying to make us feel bad. This is a different world now. The evils they speak about have long stopped existing. It’s time to let this go and let go of those who keep pushing us back. We need to move forward and they can either come with us or move out of the way. And if we have to, we will push them forward and if they still refuse, we will push them away. Sometimes you must be willing to do something you never thought you would approve of, just to maintain order.
This referendum will separate us from the regressive, the ones that feed on white guilt. Those who fight modernity. Stop harking back to the price others had to pay so that we could have it this good, just look around you: we are the most advanced societies on the face of the planet. You might even say it was worth it. The obsession of our opposition about the feelings of others. The comeback of evil that we have long ago purged from our beings. It’s time to stop caving in to those barbarians who demand our respect and our hard-earned taxes. If you are not willing to pay the price or if you enter our country illegally, we will make you swim all the way back to the flagitious deserts you came from.

No more appeasement. Not one concessions. No more mercy to the people who just can’t abide by our universal laws. No more history for that matter, we will focus on the future. History is overrated. There is no need to keep looking back. Keep looking forward and dare to dream. That’s the problem of this world, people stopped dreaming and they kept looking for answers in the past. They needed scientific verification while sometimes you just have to go with your gut and see what happens.
One day, when we are safe and sound in our newly established border, will you understand. It will all seem so simple then. One day you will see that all this suffering, all this surveillance, all these hard measures and unfortunate deaths, will all be worth it.”

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania refugees border


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