Atlas Shrugged

Then one day you can’t find your way home. You never thought you would get to this point, but so goes the story. Once you were a prince and then you became a beggar.
Like many people before and after you, you will have to ask others for help.
Sometimes you live in a cruel world and nobody is interested in helping you. They have their own pressing worries. They fear that the anxiety of others will crush their already fragile spirits.
Even those who love can’t always help you. When it comes to your condition, there is no certain cure.
But every now and then, someone points you to the right direction and you find yourself home. Still suffering but less so.
Oh you wish you could stay here but eventually, you can’t help yourself, you will have to get out and get lost again.
The story repeats itself. You think you got all your journey’s perfectly mapped out. You think the map is solid, that you will always be able to decipher your way home. But there is no such thing as a solid map. Eventually you will lose your way. We are not programmed for inner peace. On our way we witness horrors that will make us question ourselves. Our natural path is blocked and we have to find another. Sometimes you will never find your way home. The worst moments come when you think you are close when you are actually far away. Hope becomes a burden then. You have but one choice and that is to escape yourself; make yourself forget that you are lost. Manipulate your mind with chemicals that will you give the illusion that you are home- or at least close enough to consider living another day. Find a neurological-inhibitor that will block the negative feelings from consuming you. Consider life nothing more than a series of thrills and keep chasing them until you die. Don’t ever sit still and reflect on where you are. That’s how you get in trouble.
Find religion, there are numerous Gods to choose from. Choose a sect that has a lot of people in it. You won’t feel so alone. That’s the whole point of escaping yourself isn’t it? To be with people, no matter if they never get to know you?
Or maybe, be brave and reflect on where you are. Accept that you will ever find your home again. And maybe, if you do that long enough, you can build a new home. And it might even better than the one you’ve lost.
So many options, and the guide cannot be there all the time. The guide wishes that you will memorize the map or that you’ll be able to draw up a new one if the other map becomes expired. It’s not that the guide wants to leave you, it’s that he has to. It’s the way things are. Eventually even the guide must move on. The guides come and go. It’s a painful and but very human story.

You will get lost countless of times but along the way, you will find new guides and sometimes, either through their wisdom or the confidence they gave you to craft your own solutions, you will find your way home all by yourself.
And when you are home, safe and beautifully sound, you will grab your atlas and go through all these moments, with all these beautiful people. You will thank them in your solitude, even if you know that they won’t be able to hear you and you will probably never see them again.
And maybe that’s okay. It’s the way things go. You just hope that all of them are happy, wherever they are.

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