My Easter prayer 15-4-2017

I pray for my girlfriend, the woman I love.
I pray for my family, those faces that will never leave me.
I pray for my friends, those who still inform me about their lives, those estranged, those forgotten.
I pray for all the people I love, all the people I will love in the future.

I pray for a clear mind, cleansing myself from my personal dogmas.
I pray for a gentle and kind spirit, I’m tired of losing my shit about nothing.

I pray for a continuous escape of my Obsessive Compulsive loop, I’m laughing about it now but every now and then, I feel it calling me back. It’s too easy to fall back. Satan always has the best music.

I pray to see the truth, that I won’t be fooled by propaganda, during my research, in my stories, in my writing. I want to escape humanity’s natural inclination to follow the same old story. The story works that why we follow it, it’s full of action and exciting drama, but in the end when we look upon all the damages, the human costs, we wonder; we have seen this before, we told ourselves we wouldn’t do it again. Why did we do it again? Tell me why.

I pray for all those children who have seen too much, have seen the things children shouldn’t see. Those who live in a war-torn country. Those who dream about the magical lands in the West. Where they can have nice cars. Where they can dress in any way they want. Where they don’t come find their house in a pile of rubble. Children who had to fight for their breath in Syria. Children who make the toys and clothes for the lucky people in the West. Children who lost a parent. Children who lost both parents. Children who lost friends. Children who were forced to wield a gun, who know how to cock it, who know how it feels to pull a trigger.
Let the children see some light, let the children be children again. Let them play. Wake them up as empty adults. Let nothing in the past haunt them. Let them learn. Let them be adults who want to make the world a better place.

I pray for our fellow animals, those who live abhorrent lives because the human animal wants cheap meat. The mothers who see their child taken away. The sadness that cannot be expressed. The betrayal when they think they are reunited with their child, but are just being used for their milk. Those who just want to live a happy life under the arms of kind animals. We could be that animal. We could be better. We don’t have to ruin this world, committing daily genocide of fellow animals with it. We could do better. It makes me so sad, thinking about how much better we could be.

I pray for people to wake up.
I pray for them seeing what tyranny is.
I pray for our leaders to serve the people.
I pray for the unloved to become loved.
I pray for the leviathan, let it be a monster of peace.
I pray for religion to be used accordingly.
I pray for people not taking the religious tales literally, but instead, learn from its scriptures, in order to become tolerant and loving. So that they won’t hurt the children and other beautiful animals.
I pray for Jesus and all other religious actors to appear to those who believe, maybe the unbelievers too and tell them; ”okay it’s enough. Please stop it now. Let’s do what’s right this time. There’s no redemption for you but you still have a chance. If you listen to me, I can tell you where to go from here.”

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Kurt vonnegut drawings



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