”The people will vote with their common sense!” The leader poses for a picture among his electorate, he’s one of them, on their side, fighting the enemy from within and without. All the others just don’t understand. The others are a cancer that needs to be cut out. They have no faith. The Western parasites have infected their brains with the promises of the flesh. The men will let loose, become the savage animal that only Allah can contain. The females will turn from their duties, the children will be lost. Men will lay with men. The children will forget, the children will forget all that is good for society.
The Western media and their ominous messages: they talk about the end of democracy, the subjugation of free speech, the assault on objective reality, the rumors about what happens to those who defy the leader. They talk about the rise of an Islamic dystopia. A caliphate. Whatever happened to the dream of our republic? Doesn’t this leader betray the constitution of this country?
They don’t understand. We must dream bigger now. This is new world. The system we had was just a failed experiment and now we must return Allah into our government.
You will see what faith will can bring us. Yes mistakes will be made. But we will keep trusting our leaders. We will reject the negativity from dissidents and the Western media. We will only listen our chosen leader, the man that will save us. He is the only man strong enough to counter the demons of this world, the movements that try to infect our minds with false knowledge and false gods. Who are trying to take away the veil of our beautiful women, who want to take away their purity. He’s our star. Our light.

And sometimes I cry when I think about how I got from here. I was once like them. Protesting for the old world. We all got captured. I was surrounded by the same walls for months and months. Maybe longer, I don’t know. Time doesn’t mean anything when all you have is four walls that keeps coming closer and closer…
I said I cared about the truth. Truth was what I believed set me free. But I misunderstood what truth was, I didn’t see that there was a greater truth, truth beyond this world. I kept writing about the outside world and I didn’t see the glory of the outer truth, the truth that led so many people to following this great man.
And sometimes I cry about the men who remained stubborn. Those who saw their brothers being shot and still refused to pledge their lover for the leader. I made myself forget all their names. It’s no use to love then anymore. They ruined it for themselves. I will never see them again because they are in hell and I won’t go to hell. If you follow the prophet, our leader, you will remain in the good grace of Allah.
And sometimes I can’t sleep. I can feel the drop of water that kept pounding on my forehead. I can feel the things that put inside my body. The anticipation of another beating, each worse than the other. They said you’d get used to them. I never could.

But it’s all in the past now. Now I cry because I have been saved. Now I write to you telling the truth beyond this world. Join us. The voting will soon be over. You still have a chance if you have been doubting so far. If you are a dissident, tell the authorities where you are and where the rest is. You can make something of yourself still. There’s still a chance. Common sense will prevail. Allah will prevail. Our country will finally be free by rejecting freedom and subjugating us the will of the leader. The endless war will soon be over.

We will be cured. Tears will trickle down the sides of our nose. But it’s alright, everything will be all right. The struggle will be finished. We will win the victory over ourselves. Love shall prevail.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania 1984 john hurt



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