Walter Scott etc.

There’s the story about he ran from the police officer, that we will never get to know. The police officer who shot him, denied that he ran away from him. The moment he pulled him over, on a random traffic stop, the victim supposedly rambled obscenities in a threatening manner and lunched at him. ”He gave me no choice” the officer said pleadingly, ”it was either me or him.”
This story was later recanted when a dash-cam recording from his police vehicle, got leaked into the public, telling a wholly different story. The victim did ran away, but in no shape or form, was he lunching at him. The victim simply turned around, ran, and the officer shot him in the back, approximately eight times. The audio was not clear enough, only the firing of the gun could clearly be heard and the officer speaking to his dispatch ”Suspect is down, he took my tazer.” The officer then walked to the corpse, dropping his taser next to the body.
There was a national outcry, people marching on the street with signs detailing the abuse of law-enforcement, the tragic of loss of life within their communities. The signs said; ”our lives matter,” ”My humanity is not up for debate,” ”He asked for a dream, we gave him a nightmare,” ”demilitarize the police,” ”the dead cannot cry out for justice, it is the duty of the living to do so for them,” and many of the protesters mouths were taped, on which were inscribed the words: ”I can’t breath.”
The media was split. Some called the outcry justified. Many shared it. Various celebrities wore t-shirts with the words: I CAN”T BREATH. Some called the protesters terrorist. The response of the police was vindictive, repeating how they were being marginalized. A tape surfaced of the suspect shoplifting, which many saw as a clear smear on the victim’s character- despite the fact that he never had been arrested for any crime and was never known prescribe to, as police officers would call it, ”thuggish behavior”.
It was only a matter of time before things went out of hand. The anger continued the rise. The president preached serenity but to little avail. People were afraid the officer wouldn’t be tried fairly and the refusal by his department to denounce his actions only worsened the relationship between the community and the police. The protesters kept multiplying, the response became more vigilant. Any time there was no news involved, people seemed to get hurt.
The police who murdered the young man, never gave a clear indication about what happened. Referring to his lawyer all the time. The man was eventually fired and pleaded guilty after some time and would face 25 to life. Yet he never said why, refused to answer, to tell the story of his victim and why he had killed him.
Despite his sentencing, the lack of an answer on the reason of his death, prompted massive riots. People were beaten, tased, blinded by mace. One group of people screamed for justice and peaceful protests, another for revenge on their fallen brothers and sisters and another group called for order on the streets. None of this came to be.
Eventually the parents of the victim were questioned, they asked them; ”why do you think he ran?”
”I don’t know,” said the mother, ”I just don’t know.”
”There are many like them,” his father said, ”many like them and they’ll never have justice. We will never get to know their side of the story.”
The victims have stories they’ll never be able to tell. The living will make the case for them, tell the story that was forever lost.

”Maybe there’s nothing worse than that,” a protester once said during an interview, ”if you die with your story having been told, you can rest. There’s a special kind of loneliness for the souls who never were able to tell their story.”

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania black lives matter i can't breathe



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