Nobody ever wants to wake up, certainly not during a revolution.
Suddenly you’re not lonely anymore, because you have each other.
Suddenly you are not powerless anymore, because there are thousands of you and more and more keep coming.

There was a time when you could only watch while they stole from your people, imprisoned them, silenced them, even made them disappear. Sometimes you would hear a whisper of dissent and you would stifle your ears, wishing not to be infected by something that could get you killed. There was something about those who listened, their feet would take them to the street, they would chant in unison. You admired them but you wanted to live, you didn’t want to rock the boat.
I’m nobody, what can I do?
I’m nobody, please leave me alone.
You could see through their lies, even though you even tried to hide this from yourself.
The same music, the same speeches, the same faces plastered on the walls and government buildings and TV.
It’s all so obvious but they keep telling me to pretend it isn’t.
They have nothing but contempt for me, but I’m supposed to love them.
He’s only a marketing ploy for the party; a dull, heartless, selfish ghoul.
I knew it was happening then, somehow I got the bug:
Leave them alone, they deserve their voice!
Why don’t you feed the children?

Feed the children of the defenders of the motherland!
I know why you are not telling us the truth, but tell us anyway…

Everything makes so much sense when you’re fighting a revolution. It doesn’t matter what they do to stop us. The pain belongs to all of us. If I must die, I won’t be dying alone.
There’s an initial worry about what happens to this country after we tear it all down. Everyone before us seems to to have failed, so why shouldn’t why?
But such a rational voice quickly dies in the mob.
Look at your bloodied comrade, look at him smile. It’s coming true. It’s all coming true.
There’s a long way to go. You can wake up when you get there.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania petrograd


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