Lasting Impression

A group of people were holding a huge sign that, what they believed, was an aborted fetus draped in his own gore. In truth this picture comes from pro-life propaganda sources, a fetus doesn’t like that.

There was a man and a woman standing by a rack full of Jehovah pamphlets. A sign next to it asked: ”do you want to know the truth?” They have no truth, the only truth they offer is self-delusion.

There a rally, people screaming ”Allah Ackbar”, with a picture of a noted politician who now has a Hitler-mustache. In truth, he’s nothing like Hitler, false equivocation. They should mention that his party is bankrolled by Russia.

A girl on the street is wearing a T-shirt with a picture of Johnny Depp as Raoul Duke and Benicio Dell Torro as Dr. Gonzo. The words: FUCK REALITY stands above this picture of these two madman looking back at us.

There’s talk about people being white but feeling black and thus they can be black. There’s talk of exotic genders. Media can’t be trusted. There’s cultural appropriation. There are men’s rights activists. Politicians are supposed to be shocking now, not insightful. Someone on the TV says something disturbing: ”there is no truth, the truth is relative.” A native Russia tells me that our system collapsed, just like them. ”So give up and give in to the New World order.”

There’s a superhero and its comforting, the clear cut distinction between right and wrong, hero and foe. It used be like this. It makes me breath and I wish I didn’t have to leave the cinema. I wish I could stay here.

There’s nowhere to hide. The bum with the dog shares the dog with other bums to elicit sympathy from passersby.

There’s music on the street and its awful.

There’s a sign that says NO EXIT.

I don’t want to go home. I want to stay right here.

Sometimes, if I really look, I can see a glimpse of myself. It never lasts.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania polish surreal



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