Another Ghost

You got to be a spirit! You can’t be no ghost.”

A common thing you hear from Trump supporters, is that they’ve finally found a politician who isn’t burdened by political correctness. He tells it like it is. He tells the truth. It doesn’t matter how ugly it is. Factually, this could not be less true; the range of misinformation and downright lies that have been spewed by this bloated showboat (yes using his words against him) has been higher than most campaigns of the past two decades. Donald Trump’s file on Politico is insane.
This isn’t to say that lying has never been part of the political process; it certainly has, as it’s all part of the game. Everybody knows this very well, hence the reason people look at politics with such sneers of cynicism. So when Trump came along, his bold, unabashed nature had not, if never, been seen in the American political sphere. His defense was priceless: call him out for his nonsense, he will make you out as one of the political elites trying to take him down.
He’s the spirit, the others are ghosts.
In “Bulworth”, we have a corrupt Democratic candidate, who in a fit of suicidal depression, begins to tell the awful truth. Notwithstanding that the film is one of the most underrated political underrated satires ever made, the central concept seemed like something we should have seen before. This is a dream come true; finally, a politician who reveals to us what is really going on.
But Trump is not like Bulworth at all. He might tell the truth as he sees it or as he wishes to see it, and the sad thing is, this probably makes little difference to him. He doesn’t care about the truth; it can be altered as long as it suits him and his interests. An egomaniac never serves the people; he will only ever serve himself.
This is the stuff of tyrants. The tyrant speaks in a language people can understand: he’s impulsive, blunt, crass, unfiltered. Sadly, these characteristics have him confused as a truth-teller. It should have ruined him, instead it has made him a king.
Compared to the careful, corporate-approved language of Clinton, he just seemed like the more exciting candidate. Bulworth found redemption in the end, even though it ended in death. Trump is beyond redemption. Even if he makes many mistakes, his ego will always escape the ultimate judgment.

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