The Saddest Creatures of All

There needs to be accountability to the evil men of this world.
Nobody should get away with it,
everyone should get their fair share of punishments.
What happens when your act of evil is so great,
when piles of bodies are your doorstep


when there are too many ghosts following you around?
What will your penitence be?
Confession won’t do it. The priests don’t have that kind of power.
Your prison sentence goes on long after your death
and after that you’ll probably won’t endure any of it.
We can give you the death sentence but only one time,
and you owe us so many more deaths.
In order for things to be right,
you need to serve a million years,
be murdered a thousand times
and all your victims should be compensated
by your suffering and all that you profited from the suffering of your victims.

This is how the world should be, this is how we dreamed it would be.
A universe that bends towards justice,
where evil is just a spell that can be cast away,
and all our stories of despair
ends in hope for a better future.
But this is not how the world works,
there’s evil roaming around this world,
and it’s running the most powerful countries.
There’s evil in this world
and most people support it.
Most people don’t even know it’s evil,
they don’t understand history,
they don’t understand that this is nothing new,
it’s something that never dies, it’s something that always finds a way back.

Perhaps the only comfort in the end is knowing
that the saddest creatures of all
are the demons that think they are angels.
Those who thought they were saving us,
who were on a holy mission
and their delusion, sometimes of grandeur, will be read about years later
and as we do, we shake our heads realizing how pathetic they really were.
This great demon was just another pitiful human being
and the final joke is on him.

if only we could have seen it before,
we could have voted him out of office
instead of looking back at all we could have had,
we should have listened to the angels to begin with.
The greatest tragedy of all is not seeing the angels of this world.

They now shine so brightly,
we wonder how we could have missed them.



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