The Special Ones

”They talked about the old world, how the young don’t appreciate what they have now. They see the kids coming in and out of these fancy clothing stores, spending so much money. This kind of consumerism didn’t exist in their days- not for their kind anyway. The special ones could do everything, the normal ones had to get by. Back in those days, there were no choices, only survival. There was duty. If you didn’t do what you needed to do, you weren’t going to make it. ‘We have come to a point now where we coddle our children, all their feelings matter,’ said one of them. ‘It didn’t used to be this way. The world didn’t care whether you were depressed or came from a broken home. You had to go out there anyway and make something of yourself. Now a work-ethic is secondary.’ ‘Just wait and see’, said the other one, ‘read the newspapers, the old world is coming back. The signs are all there.’
For a moment they wondered what they would do if they were the young generation. A rumination so painful, they quickly abandoned it. They lived in a world where such dreams are dangerous. If you dream too much and wake up, the dread would be unbearable. It’s better to stay grounded and prepare for the worst.”

Photograph taken in Krakow, Poland. 



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