One Day

‘’Nobody wants to be alone at my age. I understand why people would feel sorry for me. This is not what I wanted, but it is what happened. I had someone who meant everything to me, I wanted him to be with me until I died or I wanted to die with him. Only the luckiest die together. But he died first, as men often do. Now I’m alone. We never had children, it was not in my nature to have them. It made him very sad, but we couldn’t live without each other. So we lived without children. We knew that one day, one of us will be alone. But even now, I think of him every day. I pray for him every day. I visit his grave every day. It’s a long way walking to his grave, it’s not good for my knees. This might sound odd, but every time I visit his grave, it almost feels like I’m meeting him again. I look forward to it. Just like when I would pick him up from work. Back when we were young, when there was such a long life ahead of us. I almost feel like one day he would be standing there, waiting for me. He would take me with him, wherever he was and I would never have to leave him again.’’

Picture taken in Katowice, Poland


The Guys

”There’s as much madness now as there was back then. I just don’t understand the madness now. I’m not part of it anymore. I don’t have children to connect me to these modern times. Any step I take into trying to comprehend this world is makes me feel alone. I want to see more of the world but I’m afraid it’s just going to make me more lonely. This is I like it here. It’s not the surroundings, this place looks so much different now than it used to, I barely recognize it. It’s the fact that you guys came from my world. You spoke my language. We shared the same villains. Now the people we admire have become villains, the villains of our time are forgotten. This is all I have guys. The only place I feel comfortable with. I don’t want any of you to leave me…”

Picture taken somewhere in Veendam, Holland


Lunch on Saturday

”Look I don’t know what I’m doing, I don’t know where I’m supposed to go. I haven’t known these things for so many years, I can’t even count them anymore. It used to be simple, everything seemed so simple. But that was never meant to last…
Sometimes I wonder if we were ever supposed to get this old. All we are doing is passing time. That’s it. I don’t care where we eat. You decide.”

Picture taken in Groningen, Holland.