The Big Whopper

”There’s nothing special inside me. We need to learn this the hard way. The ones who learn it the easy way have even less value. I don’t care for the lucky ones. Being lucky makes you even less special. Being oppressed, whether from internal or external forces, makes you special. It’s adversity that gives us grit. The lucky ones have no bones. They crumble when it all comes crashing down. But us, the unlucky, the supremely fucked, we will stand amidst the rubble, smiling, despite having lost everything. We laugh when they tell us fairy tales; God, country, the love that conquers all. It’s all an excuse, a great whopper to make us feel special. And I used to think I was so special, let me tell you. I used to think that my soul was on the verge of something great transcendental plain. I would reach greatness, I used needed time, I just needed to fight for it. I imagined the place I would live, I would imagine my kingdom.
Well here it is, this is as good as it’s going to get. You came looking for me and hoped to find answers, hoped to find a happy ending for your story. You hoped to form a bond, to kindle an unrequited love. You hoped to find a home. I’m pleased to say you found it. This is your home, this is all there is. And when the forces of the nature come crashing down, when everything falls apart, this home too, will be destroyed. It’s all part of growing up. I’m just telling you this because I love you. Don’t ever say I didn’t warn you.”

Picture taken in Katowice, Poland


The First Rascal

For Monika

”We always talked about having one, but we needed to wait. We first had to finish our studies, then find a job and then start saving. Every month we would see each other. Sometimes a weekend, sometimes a week. It hasn’t been easy to tell you the truth. We waited a long time before this life could start. There was a lot of ‘see you soon,’ and ‘miss you already.’
There’s no secret to this. You just have to be committed, to know what you want. I wanted nothing more in life than to be with her. I’m the luckiest man on earth because she felt the same.
And now we are here, finally. First we are going to start with this little rascal, then, when we are ready, we will create a few rascals of our own…”

Picture taken in Groningen, Holland.