We Always Knew

‘’We always knew that this was part of the plan. You know I can’t just stay here. There is life out there I need to finish. I can tell you it won’t be long, but it will be. It will be worse for you than it is for me. You can stand yourself, I can only stand myself when I’m with you. It will only be for a few weeks, but I’ll miss you every night. This was always part of the plan… We have to leave the ones we love so much. I promise you I will come back. I have a life to finish there, but I have a new one waiting for me here.’’

Picture taken in Eindhoven, Holland


The First Rascal

For Monika

”We always talked about having one, but we needed to wait. We first had to finish our studies, then find a job and then start saving. Every month we would see each other. Sometimes a weekend, sometimes a week. It hasn’t been easy to tell you the truth. We waited a long time before this life could start. There was a lot of ‘see you soon,’ and ‘miss you already.’
There’s no secret to this. You just have to be committed, to know what you want. I wanted nothing more in life than to be with her. I’m the luckiest man on earth because she felt the same.
And now we are here, finally. First we are going to start with this little rascal, then, when we are ready, we will create a few rascals of our own…”

Picture taken in Groningen, Holland.