BREAKING NEWS: Neo-Nazis are assholes! 

The Leftists intellectual Noam Yossarian has been banned from speaking at Berkley college for comments he made during an interview with the Washington Post two years before, concerning its annual ‘white-people free day’, a day when no white people are allowed on the premises. Yossarian thought this measure, though it means well, was ”kinda racist if you think about it.”
The college has commended Yossarian’ tireless political activism for good- which won him a noble peace prize- but feels that his comments are inconsistent with Berkley’s ”core values.”
Meanwhile the college has received a lot of criticism for replacing the speaker with Anjem Queefary, an Islamic fundamentalist who believes that every homosexual should be stoned to death. The college has defended this decision on grounds that its important to give voice to ”other cultures.”

The president courted another controversy after sharing an article on Twitter, which detailed the disturbing spike of the suicides in America, which a comment from the president saying: ”My voters aren’t killing themselves, its probably the democrats because they are sore losers. SAD!”
Though the article makes no definitive conclusions, it does speculate that the presidents Dugin initiative, the isolationist policy that gave states extensive rights and decreased federal jurisdiction. This initiative even caused certain states to create extensive border control and restrictions for people moving into the state.
The White House Press secretary Sandra Huckleberry stated that we give the Dugin initiative more time in order for it to work. ”We should all have a little more faith,” she stated, ”only faith will heal this country. We must have faith in Jesus and the President. If you trust Jesus, you must trust the president. Everything is going to be just dandy!”

A picture has surfaced that shows Rupert Ailes, the president of state channel America Today, at a socialite neo-nazi gathering. The powerful network president claims that he ”was there with a friend” and ”had no idea he was at a neo-nazi rally,” and that ”some of them were really nice, I know I should have left but I didn’t want to be rude.”
The anti-defamation league has called for Ruper Ailes’ resignation. A spokesperson America Today refused to comment deeply on this but did assure the public
Several politicians from both sides have condemned Ailes’ presence at the gathering. Popular Democratic Congressman Bob Sanders and one of the front-runners of the democratic party, has stated ”that this is a time to come together” and that ”although I don’t condone violence, punching Neo-Nazis is a lot of fun.”
He stated to be very happy with the condemnation coming from both sides, saying that ”at least we have a bipartisan agreement that Neo-nazis are assholes”
The president however, has yet to comment on this….
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Something You Can Understand

”There’s so many things you don’t understand. There’s so many things I still don’t understand. That’s the secret they don’t teach you kids yet: adults are just as clueless. We couldn’t solve the world’s problems. You won’t solve the world’s problems either. At first you think the world is doing better, then you see it hasn’t changed much at all. There’s a resurgence, a return to a dark kind of normalcy. We thought it was gone forever but it’s still out there. It’s biding its time. Maybe it won’t be as bad. Maybe your generation can eradicate better than we could. But there’s no need for you think about these things now. You’re a child, it’s your time to play. I had so little time to play when I was your age. Maybe you get lucky and you can find a way to play all your life because that’s what I want from you, that’s why I work so hard; the less you need to worry about, the more you can play. There are things we might never understand. But here’s something you can: I love you so much. And there’s nothing more I need to know, it’s enough for a lifetime.”

Infinite Foolishness

The Fear has returned; the leader of the free world, in his infinite foolishness, has threatened to reign down fire and fury- the subtext being nuclear retaliation- on the little country of North Korea. Instantly, his opposition would condemn his statements. Another clear example that this man should not be president. The media does the rounds, they interview civilians in Guam- the country that was first threatened by North Korea- whether they fear annihilation. The administration quickly comes to his defense, there would be no apology. They state that he was simply speaking the language North Korea would understand. The supreme leader can never do wrong. He doesn’t make mistakes, there’s only damage control.
But open your news-feeds and you can see the fear spreading. Pictures of the horrific aftereffects of nuclear attacks; deformities, mutations. Speculation about what would happen if someone would indeed strike first. Some people look forward to it. An apocalyptic wasteland has always been entertaining in the movies. The desperation will give people an excuse to murder and eat each other. Naturally for many, this will sound extremely cool.
I was born when the nuclear threat had seemingly disappeared. The idea that if a country would be provoked, there would be a chance that one of them would push a button and destroy human civilization. Mutual assured destruction: making sure that everybody gets fucked when they fuck with you. At school they would never teach me to hide under the chair if the alarms would go off. Soon after I was born, they would break down the oppressive wall in Berlin. The people started dreaming about a world without the possibility of nuclear holocaust. The illusion came: we are past that now! We saw the fall of the ultimate evil! Authoritarianism has lost! It was victory for democracy and capitalism. We’re too smart now to consider the apocalypse. The market will create better options. We don’t need to destroy each other. We can instead do business with each other.
But it has always come to this: the creation of the ultimate weapon, warning other empires not to fuck with us. We would always create the bomb, it’s in our DNA. We’ve already used it once, twice even, but the bombs are so much powerful now. It only takes a little madness to destroy mankind. We’ve seen enough coming from our leaders. We’ve seen the kind of people the people vote into office. The madness is already there. It just needs to fester. It just needs a little push…
Now the Fear is making a comeback, all it needed was an improvisational jab against a deluded dictator. Nice going. It’s time to stop worrying and love the bomb again…

And so as these words begin to spin in my mind, I open a window and smoke and light a cigarette. I stopped smoking a long time ago. Once or twice a week I indulge myself. Usually with a beer. I rarely finish a cigarette, they make me too lightheaded.
The sun is going down. I like this time of day.
I notice my tattoo: ”Y sí creo”, it’s a from a film called the Fountain. Its Spanish for: ‘and yes I do believe.’
Right now I like to believe that we won’t be seeing a mushroom cloud anytime soon. It would be a cliché to have humanity end like that. So predictable. I was looking forward to a Robot uprising…


The Saddest Creatures of All

There needs to be accountability to the evil men of this world.
Nobody should get away with it,
everyone should get their fair share of punishments.
What happens when your act of evil is so great,
when piles of bodies are your doorstep


when there are too many ghosts following you around?
What will your penitence be?
Confession won’t do it. The priests don’t have that kind of power.
Your prison sentence goes on long after your death
and after that you’ll probably won’t endure any of it.
We can give you the death sentence but only one time,
and you owe us so many more deaths.
In order for things to be right,
you need to serve a million years,
be murdered a thousand times
and all your victims should be compensated
by your suffering and all that you profited from the suffering of your victims.

This is how the world should be, this is how we dreamed it would be.
A universe that bends towards justice,
where evil is just a spell that can be cast away,
and all our stories of despair
ends in hope for a better future.
But this is not how the world works,
there’s evil roaming around this world,
and it’s running the most powerful countries.
There’s evil in this world
and most people support it.
Most people don’t even know it’s evil,
they don’t understand history,
they don’t understand that this is nothing new,
it’s something that never dies, it’s something that always finds a way back.

Perhaps the only comfort in the end is knowing
that the saddest creatures of all
are the demons that think they are angels.
Those who thought they were saving us,
who were on a holy mission
and their delusion, sometimes of grandeur, will be read about years later
and as we do, we shake our heads realizing how pathetic they really were.
This great demon was just another pitiful human being
and the final joke is on him.

if only we could have seen it before,
we could have voted him out of office
instead of looking back at all we could have had,
we should have listened to the angels to begin with.
The greatest tragedy of all is not seeing the angels of this world.

They now shine so brightly,
we wonder how we could have missed them.


Our Disease 5

Podcast 337

”Former president Dimitry Medvedev once talked about ”legal nihilism,” which in his case, was the pervasive pessimism concerning law and order in Russia,” Harry was soft-spoken today, he felt the blues coming on hard. He promised to change things but he never was able to escape the shadow of Putin, who refused to let Medvedev run the show, fearing that he would do irreparable damage to his criminal empire. Even after Putin’s death, Russia never was able to escape legal nihilism. Still now, people wanted a leader like Putin because only he was able to bring stability to their troubled country. Legal Nihilism is now hardwired in the survival code of the Russian people.”
Miguel Stone and Dale were smoking a huge joint behind the soundproof glass. Stone was giving him the thumbs up. Harry gave them the finger which delighted Stone immensely.
”Corporate giants and criminal political leaders breed ‘legal nihilism’ in a way, to sow distrust in any supervisory or regulatory practices. In order to do this, you must show them that you don’t need them. You have to spin it that any supervision on their practices is an act of tyranny. Not just a danger to them but a danger to all of us…” Harry lights his cigarette, sits there for a moment. Dead air. Dale and Stone sat there, waiting for what he was going to say next.
”It all boils down to power and letting the people believe that morale or any such ideology is involved. It used to be but those days are long gone. Not that ideological forces did much good. In many ways it could just as much trouble. But there were some in our American history that managed to struck a certain balance. Possibly the most underrated president of the Twentieth-Century is Jimmy Carter. The only former president who didn’t became just another corporate shill. Much has been said that Reagan started the disastrous economic policies of deregulation, trickle-down and though much could be blamed for the eventual inequality that transpired, at least he was a strong force for good. Least he stood for something. He talked about dreams. America meant something again. We were all still mourning our failed acid trip, the lost promise of the Sixties. He exchanged psychedelics for Jesus. A superior trade if you ask me. But people couldn’t evolve in this dream either…” Stone was talking to someone on the phone. Some important client. He was nodding, smiling.
”So the people fought to keep this dream. But things just kept going the other way. The sexual degenerate Bill Clinton came to office and they couldn’t destroy him. Bush seemed like a comeback but even the hardliners know that perhaps the years, the start of the world-changing destruction of the Twin Towers probably were too hard on him. There was need for new blood. A change from the Neo-Conservative dream. So came Barack Obama. It was time for the Liberals to dream.”
”But we all woke up from this too. His accomplishments, though underrated, was undermined by the relentless sabotaging by the republicans. The false narrative was given that he was a covert communist aiming to destroy America. He could have set it back on track but the republicans couldn’t allow it. Perhaps the world would have been a better place if John McCain had been president. Despite Obama’s admirable character, McCain was a man of honor. He would have stood up against the true evils of this world. He wouldn’t have let Putin fool him. This was a man that deserved the spot. But the truth was, much of the base he needed to appeal, was beneath him. In fact, the people they appealed to were changing. They were in an existential crisis. Things got really bad during Bush’s rule. Even though most of them bought that Obama was a danger to the nation, how could they trust their establishment republicans?
Something bigger was going on. The conspiracy nuts were growing. Alternate news-sources were warping the minds of the American people. The liberals had their shot and lost. Obama became just another establishment figure. They needed someone different.
So came Trump. So came motherfucking Trump.”
Stone smiled, hollering Trump’s name through the sound-proof class. ”Trump was the epitome of legal nihilism. Even though he was a celebrity, a noted philander and born in wealth, the people saw him as one of their own. It didn’t matter that he could hardly think of a Bible quote, the bible belt accepted him quicker than they did Hilary’s stated love of scripture. Putin saw his opportunity and filled the anti-establishment media with pro-Trump news. The ones who could see through the bullshit saw that he was merely a puppet of Putin’s regime and Trump really wanted to be Putin. He didn’t care about Putin’s beliefs or where he came from, he just wanted his kind of power. He just wanted to own the room and kill a journalist or two if they pissed him off. The American nation became an embarrassment, in a time when the world really needed our support since the legal nihilism was seemingly kicking off throughout Europe, dividing us and eventually destroying the European-Union’s dream.”
A deep puff, a sigh. Harry got to a peaceful, if bittersweet part in his mind as he spoke the last words: ”So what do we have now? I’m not say the American dream is dead because that corpse has long been decaying. The American dream is a zombie with a fake smile. It’s walking around slowly, moaning the national anthem. It’s only a matter of time before it collapses indefinitely.”
Stone mimes the word ”beautiful”, Harry nods, feeling for a moment, good about himself: ”So what do we have now? Our country is divided more than ever right now. Every state is being left to their own devises. We can smoke joints freely in this state but on the other side, the Mormons are running the show and women aren’t even allowed hot pants. Our current president says this is the best way now. Every state by himself. The government just there to protect us from foreign enemies. And while this is happening, they are stealing from the coffers and getting unimaginably rich. They don’t need anything, they have everything.
And what do we have? We have each other. This used to be enough.”
Harry nods to himself. Time for real life.
”That’s all I have to say for today. You have a goodnight. Take care of each other.”
End transmission.

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Art by Jean-Michel Basquiat


Blame it on the Deep State

The Russian trolls are getting to people. Fake News is like a parasite of the brain, it latches onto the subject’s preconceived notions of the world, its natural distrust for Western authorities and makes the subject share it to his friends and families. The message is clear: ”we are all being duped people. This is the truth. Don’t trust the mainstream media. This is what’s really going on.”
The establishment did this to themselves but perhaps, it was inevitable. We enraged the demons long ago and these demons will always be there. The more we fight them, the more fire we leave behind. The fire always comes back.
Globalization was never going to make us like each other better. It’s too hard to understand the world, the people and ourselves too. The more information we receive, the more we realize that it’s far more complicated than we had initially suspected. So we simplify. We seek a comforting reality. We find the kind of news that reflects our world view. Leaders come around and tell us what we believe. Their colorful language makes them seem different. Maybe this guy is different. Maybe this guy is telling the truth.
Putin saw this happening long ago. Maybe the credit should go wider. Russian history is full of managing popular opinion. A former KGB-man, someone who spied on his people and considers himself a patriot, knows very well that the truth is too painful. The truth can ruin everything. Gorbachov can tell you this: just look at what perestroika and glasnost did! It opened borders and gave people the right to question the history of their glorified empire. No. A populist, a leader with authoritarian knows the golden rule: you close borders, you demonize the enemy and you get the journalists in line. Journalists are a pesky sort. Make sure the people hate them. Tell them they work for the establishment, that they write fake news.
Another one that’s popular today is the DEEP STATE. The opposition-this time Robert Mueler and his legal team- within the government is secretly trying to get Trump impeached. They are all using it. Not sure who started it. Perhaps it was Roger Stone. I sort of like Roger Stone. I mean I don’t like him as a person, he’s basically everything that’s revolting about humanity, but he’s upfront with it. There’s a genuineness about him. He’s pure evil and he knows it and he doesn’t care. He’s an entertaining sort of demon.
Even Newt Gingrich mentioned The DEEP STATE. This useless and irrelevant tub of lard says the president cannot obstruct justice- except if he received a blowjob, something that enraged Gingrich when he tried to get Clinton impeached. There’s also Sean Hannity, a man with such a hard-on for Trump that he wouldn’t be surprised if he was writing fan-fiction about him.
All of these supposedly respectable people have been infected by the Russian Troll. It could very well that the Trump support is just a niche market, but especially in the case of Hannity, they seem like true believers. There’s just something about about his charms, that they just can’t resist.
Watching Trump’s cabinet taking turns sucking Trump’s dick (metaphorically speaking) was painful. How could it ever get this far? I know they all have some financial stake in the game but I don’t think I could do this. Maybe if my girlfriend was taking hostage and I was forced to do this to save my life, then maybe, maybe I would consider it. But I don’t understand how they could do this and not immediately watch their mouth with soap. They had to have been high when they did this. Maybe it’s like a game of who can suck up to him the most. It was like a staged scene of Russian propaganda. Did Trump really think this was convincing to the American people? Well since many of his voters actually think he’s a Christian, I guess it could.
Meanwhile Putin is smiling, high-fifing Pepe the Troll. The divide in America was so great, it made it easy for his Russian Trolls. The infection is spreading meanwhile. Even in Holland, the message board is full of Putin supporters. There are educated people who say that perhaps Putin’s vision of the world isn’t quite so bad.
And anybody who’ve seen a glimpse of Putin’s world, knows why I’m scared. This is a world where facts are subjective, we don’t know who to trust, we don’t know if this event or that event was planned by the state, perhaps even the opposition is bankrolled by the state. Everything is a joke, nothing means anything anymore. People turned mad by the state, hunting for opposition leaders- or maybe those mad killers are bankrolled by the government? The most shameful history is warped into something glorious. The heroes could be the villains and the villains are the only ones we can trust.
Many people have been fooled by the Russian troll’s narrative. This Free Press reveals our shortcomings and in turn could instigate our own kind of perestroika and glasnost, but in reverse: close borders and a suppression of dissent. This story has been told before. It’s nothing new. Institutions can fall easily, it’s only as strong as its people. If just takes enough fools on election day.

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Art by Ralph Steadman

Anna’s Sacrifice

Recently, I did a presentation about Putin’s Russia. It was split in two parts: the first one was about the rise of Vladimir Putin, the second was about his regime. It starts with hope, it ends in tyranny. That’s how it always starts. We always wake up too late.
My main thesis was nothing extraordinary: he’s an autocratic undermining democratic values and we must recognize him for what he is, not be swayed by his increasingly popular propaganda. I made references to the monsters and heroes of the past. The monsters we willingly voted into office. The heroes who were murdered telling us the truth about who they really were.
Examples were made. How do we recognize the autocrat? When they try to undermine the free press is a good example. Soon enough they’ll start to suppress it. In the free World they call the free press ‘fake news’ and sometimes, they dare call the free press dangerous. But the government, as far as we know, doesn’t hunt them down. And if they are hunted down, they better hope no other journalist finds out.

In Putin’s Russia, journalists are hunted down and if other proves it, Putin’s regime will say that it was the ‘Anti-Russian activists’ who sacrificed this journalist to stoke anti-Russian sentiment. There is the continues fear of disorder, memories a young spy who saw the world turn against his empire.
Watch out for talks about ‘extremism.’ The humanization of groups of people is easy to spot. The Jews have always been the target, even now. But Muslims are the more popular target now. The debate about adaptation to the Western culture or the reformation are ones we should have, but the autocrat doesn’t want an honest debate. They tell us they should adapt or get the fuck out. Soon enough they will tell us that the culture simply does not fit here and that something drastic, has to be done about it.
I told people about my own journalistic ambitions, about the moving and bittersweet sacrifice of Anna Povlitkovskaya. She knew that most of her reports would be not read by the necessary majority of the Russian people. Most minds will continually be hooked on state propaganda. You can’t blame them. They grew up in a world full of loud noises and pretty lights. It takes a keen eye and per haps life experience beyond one’s borders, to see past the facade. The face is beautifully simple. All complications nullified. The enemy is clear. The mission is to protect our culture from liberal invasion. Who doesn’t want to live in a world like that? It’s comfortable, the truth ruins everything. Nobody wants to wake up and realize everything they’ve believed in is a lie. Nobody wants to wake up and realize their God was the devil all along.
Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania putin protest
I live in an imperfect, yet relatively free world. I can doubt our leaders openly. I can cast dispersions about their character, the nature of their patriotism. If I was an infamous rapper, I can go on stage and rhyme about how the government is an evil entity, bend on destroying the foundations of our culture. A large mass will follow me and think my delusions to be wisdom. This is the free world I live in. In the free world we can share our delusions without being arrested. In Putin’s Russia, a rapper like MC Noize will be hounded by the government, suffer threats, have his career derailed by government agencies. It doesn’t matter if what he says is true or not, he’s talking about the great leader. He’s talking about the idol they indoctrinate to their kids. The kids who admire Putin, like modern-day Hitler Jugend.
In Putin’s Russia, reality is a subjective thing. The pretty lights are there to confuse the people. Some are turned mad. They wander the streets seeking for gay Ukrainians with Obama T-Shirts who are seeking to destroy Russia from within. If they hear about this reporter with a big mouth about their glorious leader, they will shit on his car. Men dress like dead patriots and sing songs about the Soviet Union. Less than Twenty-years ago, Stalin was perceived as the mass-murdering lunatic he was, no suddenly, he’s become misunderstood. In Russia, if you want to tell the truth, you better be prepared to die for it.

Podobny obraz
Soon enough some guy in the classroom held up his hand. He had a notebook with him- so he could ”watch my lies”,  he told me. He told me that my facts were biased, concocted by the West. He told me we couldn’t trust Human Rights watch or Amnesty International. He was confused why I would support NATO. This is a person that lives in a free world and he is basking himself in information which tells him that the Free World isn’t free at all. The democratic institution is doubted upon. Perhaps we need a bold new leader. Perhaps we need a guy like Putin.
There are heroes like Anna Politkovskaya, heard across the world, years after her untimely death. Her death on 7
th October 2006 was a birthday present to his glorious leader. On this day I honor her, while her culprit still roams free. Perhaps he’s even running the country she gave her life for.
Political theatrics aside: Putin is an old monster dressed in modern clothing. He’s nothing special, old tricks but written in computer code. A reboot, a remake. The new playing field of information-warfare in a globalized world, where its adherents are addicted to tiny screens and get a jolt of dopamine whenever someone liked their comment. We are in it together but we pretend we are all alone. We have all the means of connecting with each other, yet we decide to isolate ourselves.
All Putin is a series of managed photo-shoots. A good enough photo-shoot can make you the leader of your own religion. Some are highly susceptible to the cult of personality, the nationalistic parasite. Perhaps they’ve always been waiting for that one person that tells them who to hate and who to kill. Perhaps there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for that true believer. Maybe if you give him everything, you just might reach it.
At the end of the presentation, I asked my audience: ”how do we destroy the monsters we have cultivated for so long?”
And I didn’t really have the answer. So I either made one up or stole it from someone smarter than me: ”try to remember the heroes and the monsters. Try to remember the ones who reminded us about the heroes and the monsters. Live the story of the hero.”
I knew one of them wouldn’t listen. To be honest this drives me crazy: the story seems so obvious to me. Why can’t he see it? Why can’t he see the difference between the Free world and Putin’s Russia?
I don’t have an answer to that now. Several come to mind but I want that answer that will convince him. I don’t think I can think of one. And this worries me.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania anna politkovskaya